The Minor Festivals
The Feast of Dedication is based around the story of the Maccabees revolt against the Greeks. Judah Maccabeas led an army against the Greeks and won back Jerusalem. He rededicated the Temple on 25 Kislev, which normally falls in December. Every year this festival is celebrated by lighting candles and giving gifts. One of the oldest references to Hanukkah is in the New Testament when Jesus was challenged about his messiahship.
The Feast of Esther is on the 14 of Adar (February/March) and celebrates the deliverance from destruction in Babylon. It is the most fun filled of all the Jewish festivals.
Tu b'Shvat
The Jewish New Year of Trees is on the 15 Shevat in the Jewish calendar, which normally falls in early February. It is an environmental festival and celebrates God's gifts in creation.

A Feast of Seasons has a full chapter on each of these Minor Festivals. This give the history and development of the festivals and the passage about Hanukkah in the New Testament. The chapters also consider the impact of persecution on the continuing relevance of Hanukkah and Purim to Jewish people. There are also many ideas for celebration including recipes.
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