A Feast of Seasons, by Margot R Hodson
Celebrate the Bible's festivals with your friends and family!

Welcome to the website linked with the paperback - 'A Feast of Seasons'. Here you will find teaching from this book about Biblical festivals and additional ideas, recipes and crafts.
 Pomegranates growing at Megiddo, Israel.
'An excellent introduction to the Jewish background of Christian celebrations'
Martin Goldsmith

Come with me on a journey through the festival year of the Bible. Discover Passover, with its stress on sacrifice; Pentecost, emphasizing the first fruits of the harvest; Yom Kippur, a time to pray; Tabernacles, a chance to focus on God's presence amongst us; Rosh Hashanah, a trumpet call into the presence of the Lord; Sabbath, a break for rest and family prayer; Tu b'Shvat, the new year for trees; Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights and Purim, the Feast of Esther. You can find out what these celebrations can mean for both Jewish people and Christians, and discover fresh riches within each faith.

This book explores the biblical festival year and gives ideas for celebration. Each chapter takes a different festival and is divided into two parts.
The first section researches its origins; how it developed through the Old Testament period; what happened in the New Testament and Second Temple period; how it developed on in Judaism; what happened to the festival in Christianity and then draws this teaching together to 'make the link.'
The second section of each chapter is full of ideas about how to celebrate the festival. There are crafts and ideas for children, a youth track, recipes and other ideas to make the Bible real today.
The book has been thoroughly researched and will be useful to people studying biblical festivals, but it has been written in an easy to read format for everyone to read and enjoy.

Updated 4 August 2015