Margot Hodson Author Profile
A Christian Guide to Environmental IssuesMargot is Vicar of the Haddenham Benefice in Buckinghamshire, UK and is former Chaplain of Jesus College, Oxford. She is married to Martin Hodson who is a plant biologist at Oxford Brookes University. Margot has a specialist interest in the Jewish background to Christianity and has taught and written in this area. Margot grew up in Somerset and read Geography at Bristol University and Theology and All Nations Christian College. She has worked as a teacher in secondary schools, and in publishing and education for the Church. Margot was ordained in 2001 and, before moving to Jesus College, was a parish priest in Grove near Wantage in Oxfordshire.
The Hodsons have a joint interest in the link beween Faith and the Environment. They are both members of Sage, Oxford's Christian Environmental Group and Margot is also on the Operations Team of The John Ray Initiative, an educational charity that works to develop and communicate a Christian understanding of the environment.

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Link to Margot's briefing paper on an Hebraic understanding of the environment. (This is a PDF file)

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