How to buy A Feast of Seasons

Sadly A Feast of Seasons is now long out of print. You can often pick up a copy at second hand book stalls, and on the internet you could try:
AbeBooks UK ( the UK version had 15 copies at various prices in August 2015!)
Amazon UK - second hand sections (UK had 12 copies at various prices in August 2015!)

Publication details:
A Feast of Seasons was published in the UK on 9 June 2000 by Monarch Books, part of the Angus Hudson Ltd.
It was released in North America on 1 July 2001 by Kregel Publications.
It is in larger paperback format and 224 pages.
UK  ISBN: 1 85424 473 6
UK RRP: £7.99
North American edition ISBN: 0825460123
North American list price: $11.99