Feasts and Recipes
Jewish culture is based around the home and so it is not too surprising that its cooking is famous. Each of the Jewish festivals has its own special foods and a few recipes are given on these pages. Some are from the book and others are new.
Sabbath (Challah bread)
This is the special bread that is used for Sabbath and Festivals. It contains egg and some sugar to make a rich dough and on Sabbath is usually formed into a braided loaf.

Special foods for Passover
These are the ceremonial foods needed for the first part of the Passover meal. Full instructions for a family or community Passover are given in A Feast of Seasons

Dutch Matzah Brei
New!  This is a brand new recipe that I invented this year to use up left over Matzah. It is great for a supper dish.

Savoury Cheesecake with Leeks
New!  This is another new recipie that I have put together for Hanukkah.

Gefilte Fish
New!  This is a classic gefilte fish recipe with a modern alternative twist.