Renewal Magazine, December 2000
......Margot Hodson's rich understanding of Jewish history and traditions, her depth of biblical background, her experience of living among Jewish believers in Jesus and insights into present day Israel make for a truly satisfying feast of a book. Working through the Jewish year, she looks at the origin meaning and development of each festival, describes how its practices vary in different Jewish communities, considers if and how Jesus and the early Jewish believers related to and interpreted the feast and suggests ways of celebrating it today. It is important to search out the richness inherent in our own Hebrew roots. Here Jesus grew and was nourished with the rhythms and cycles of the Jewish year, the fasts and meals, the times of joy and repentance, the Sabbath of rest and the colorful extravagance of celebration.....
      Margot Hodson paints a vivid picture of the survival of Jewish identity in the face of change She also writes something of the terrible history of anti-Semitism and persecution frequently at the hands of Christians and only too often at festival times. For a Jewish person choosing to keep the feast has not been a light decision but sometimes a matter of life or death.
      As a Jewish believer I found the book packed with new information and creative ways of integrating Jewish and Christian identity.
Lynne Booker
The Door Magazine, July 2000
... If you are unsure about the relevance of the Old Testament to Christians today, or if you are just hazy about all those ancient festivals, if you want your understanding to the New Testament deepened or if you want fresh ideas for your church group, then this is the book for you.
Claire Wenham, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

Christian Retailing
"A Feast of Seasons provides a factual look at the historic and biblical Jewish holidays. [It] gives not only historical context and contemporary application of each major traditional Jewish holiday, but also provides recipes and games to encourage cross-cultural participation in the events."

Christian Friends of Israel
"There are a number of books on the Feasts of Israel, but this book is, in our opinion, one of the best. Margot Hodson provides an excellent historical background to each Feast, followed by directions for celebrating each Feast in a home or a Christian group setting.
It is encouraging to find very sane comments regarding the relationship between the Jewish feasts and Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter, and how non-Jewish people can celebrate the Feasts meaningfully in a non-Jewish setting. It is particularly helpful to find this so with regard to Sabbath, which Margot helpfully places in a Christian setting for the great majority who are non-Jewish and belong to churches.
Derek White, UK Director.