A Christian Guide to Environmental IssuesForeword and Commendations

This wonderful book should be read by all Christians. Why? Well, as the Bible passages in it make clear, God loves us and nature. We should care for what God loves— from our neighbour to nature and the planetary systems, such as stable climate and healthy soil, which sustain us all. Yet our species is trashing the environment and threatening its own survival in the process. There are solutions, but it will take a movement of people to bring them about. As followers of Jesus and members of humanity, surely Christians should be in the forefront of the movement to understand how the environment ‘works’ and how we depend on it— and to cherish and restore it where we can.
Margot and Martin Hodson combine their biblical and scientific expertise to give us an engaging study-to-action guide. They explain the big environmental issues simply, illustrate the solutions with inspiring vignettes from around the world, point us to the biblical view for reflection and empower us with practical tips for the next steps we can take. As a Christian activist for social justice and a healthy environment, I long to see Christians everywhere demonstrating their love of God by standing up for the environment in their communities and globally. This book will help to fire up that movement. I’m praying for a Christian philanthropist to donate a boxful to every church in the UK. That might be the single most important thing they could do for God and humanity!
Andy Atkins, Chief Executive, Friends of the Earth (2008–2015)
and Advocacy Director, Tearfund (2000–2008)

Commendation 1
Martin and Margot Hodson’s deep commitment to the critical issues that their timely book addresses shine through each chapter. It is very comprehensive and we are all the beneficiaries of their years of educated engagement at both personal and professional levels with the challenges faced by God’s good earth and so by us all. We belong to a human community which must now come to terms with new ways of living: extremely rapid environmental changes now impact us ever more directly, and in this book we have a comprehensive guide us towards some of the ways forward we must take. It is accessible, practical, even hopeful, and its biblical wisdom means it is indeed a Christian guide to environmental issues.
Peter Harris, Founder of A Rocha

Commendation 2
A valuable resource to help understand how we can live together for the good of all creation on this one planet with its finite resources.  As such this book looks straight in the eye of the most serious set of environmental challenges humanity faces.  Drawing together in accessible ways scientific evidence, biblical reflection and practical ideas it will provoke you to better think, act and pray for the renewal of creation.
The Rt Revd Graham Usher, Bishop of Dudley