Functional Biology of Plants
Front CoverPublished in April 2012, Martin Hodson and John Bryant have collaborated to produce a major new Plant Science text book, taking you from cellular and molecular approaches through whole plant physiology to the environment- definitely comprehensive.

Functional Biology of Plants provides students and researchers with a clearly written, well structured whole plant physiology text. Early in the text, it provides essential information on molecular and cellular processes so that the reader can understand how they are integrated into the development and function of the plant at whole-plant level. Thus, this beautifully illustrated book, presents a modern, applied integration of whole plant and molecular approaches to the study of plants.

It is divided into four parts: Part 1: Genes and Cells, looks at the origins of plants, cell structure, biochemical processes and genes and development. Part 2: The Functioning Plant, describes the structure and function of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seed and fruit development. Part 3: Interactions and Adaptations, examines environmental and biotic stresses and how plants adapt and acclimatise to these conditions. Part 4: Future Directions, illustrates the great importance of plant research by looking at some well chosen, topical examples such as GM crops, biomass and biofuels, loss of plant biodiversity and the question of how to feed the planet.

Throughout the book there are text boxes to illustrate particular aspects of how humans make use of plants, and a comprehensive glossary proves invaluable to those coming to the subject from other areas of life science.

Instructor Companion Site for Functional Biology of Plants
A companion website for Science Communication for our book was put together by Laura Bowater and Kay Yeoman. This website gives you access to the rich tools and resources available for this text. On this website you will find: Figures from the book as PPT slides; Tables from the book as PDFs; and the glossary. LINK

How to Buy
This book is available as a paperback, hardback and as an ebook. There are several places to order the book including:
1) Our Publisher Wiley-Blackwell (all countries)
2) Amazon in the UK
3) Amazon in the United States
4) Amazon (Kindle only) in Brazil
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Functional Biology of Plants by Martin J. Hodson (Oxford Brookes University, UK) and John A. Bryant (University of Exeter, UK)
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-470-69940-9
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-470-69939-3
400 pages
April 2012, ©2011, Wiley-Blackwell

January 2013- Functional Biology of Plants has been selected as an Outstanding Academic Title for 2012 by Choice. “Students who are new to plant science will be quite well served, as will graduate students and others needing to develop fuller understandings and perspectives on their research. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through researchers/faculty.” (Choice, 1 November 2012)
April 13th 2013- It is now one year exactly since the publication of Functional Biology of Plants and I wrote a special blog post Functional Biology of Plants- One Year On to celebrate! I also created a photo collage highlighting some of the things that have happened to the book in the last year.