Uncovering Isaiah's Environmental Ethics
Uncovering Isaiah's Environmental EthicsMargot Hodson produced a Grove Booklet entitled "Uncovering Isaiah's Environmental Ethics" (2011) .

The book of Isaiah is rich in natural imagery and would seem ideally suited to provide a source for an environmental ethic; but how do we use these images, given that they were metaphors for theological ideas?
This booklet uses perceptual analysis to uncover an ecological understanding underlying the natural metaphors in Isaiah: respect for nature as Godís creation combined with a mandate for active management as responsible stewards. Creation is damaged through human sin but will be redeemed in the new creation.

This booklet is available from:

1) The publishers Grove Books. To buy this booklet post-free call the Grove office on ++44(0)1223 464748, email sales@grovebooks.co.uk or visit Grove Books. Booklets are £3.95 each including post and package.
Specifically the pages to visit on the Grove web site are:

a) To buy a printed booklet  go to E161- Uncovering Isaiah's Environmental Ethics (booklet)

b) To purchase a PDF version which will be emailed to you go to E161- Uncovering Isaiah's Environmental Ethics (PDF) and switch to Digital (this is also £3.95)

2) You can also order copies through The John Ray Initiative office at £3.95 each including post and package. Contact JRI

Updated 4 August 2015