Jerusalem's Story
A series of home group studies:
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Jerusalem's Story
A series of seven Bible studies for individuals of groups.
Published by Olive Press: St Albans, 1998
ISBN 0-904054-16-0
52 Pages
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Welcome to our seven studies on the theme of Jerusalem. What is Jerusalem's story? How has the life of this city interwoven with the great moves of history, and with the work of Jesus?

The origins of Jerusalem are lost among the ancient peoples of the Middle East. The Bible first alludes to it in the story of Abraham, when he is visited by Melchizedek,  King of Salem or King of peace. It is ironic that a city that has experienced so much war, and has been destroyed so many times, actually contains peace in its name. Understanding Jerusalem's history can give us a key to the Bible, and help us to understand God working in our own lives today.

This book covers a seven week period and is primarily designed to be used in a weekly home study group or house group, though it would also be appropriate for individual study or for church mid-week meetings. Each study looks at both biblical and contemporary themes in an effort to link the Bible, history and issues affecting us today.  The scope of these studies is vast, and a further study section has been included if groups wish to go deeper into any of the themes. Some groups may like to distribute different parts of this section to different members, who could each bring a summary to the following study. If the group would like to meet over a longer period it would be possible to alternate between weeks concentrating on the seven studies and weeks sharing the home study of the further study themes.

Each study has ideas for prayer and also a theme for a meditation. Christians from some traditions will be familiar with this - others may not find it helpful. Group leaders are encouraged to select from the studies what will be most appropriate for their group. There are also music suggestions to use with  your group, if appropriate.

It was decided to make this a Bible study course and therefore the later history of Jerusalem has only been alluded to. Jerusalem's story over the last two thousand years has been no less dramatic and painful than its biblical history. An appendix has been added giving the key dates in the later history of the city. There are also some suggestions for additional reading in the bibliography.

Table of Contents

Study 1     Mount Moriah
          Abraham and Melchizedek
          The site for the Temple

Study 2     Mount Zion
          David's City
          Building the Temple

Study 3     City of Sorrow
          City destroyed
          Exile in Babylon

Study 4     City of Hope
          Rebuilding the walls
          Feast of Dedication

Study 5     Mount of Olives
          Jesus and Jerusalem

Study 6     City of Promise
          The early Church

Study 7     City of Gold
          The New Jerusalem

Appendix 1:      Leaders Notes

Appendix 2:     Music suggestions

Appendix 3:     Key dates in the history of Jerusalem