Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Partners with God for a fruitful planet

This chapter concentrates on biodiversity. We give an overview of global biodiversity and habitats today and also consider biodiversity in the Bible and habitats familiar to Jesus. We investigate our responsibility for the world and introduce the concept of biblical stewardship.
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Web Links to Resources used in this Chapter

The National Botanic Gardens at Glasnevin in Dublin:

Saguaro Cactus, Arizona, USAFor the Wollemi Pine see:

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2005) Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Biodiversity Synthesis. World Resources Institute, Washington, DC. Published on-line at

Nick Collinson, one of Martin's former undergraduate students, is now Head of Conservation Policy at the Woodland Trust-

The work on temporary ponds described in this chapter was carried out in collaboration with Pond Action (now the Freshwater Habitats Trust).