Chapter 8

Chapter 8- National leadership will inspire change

This chapter considers the need for leadership to bring about change. We look at the biblical examples of Job, Joseph and Moses in their approach to change. We consider the issues of Agriculture, Energy, and Transport. We then look at the National Church’s responsibility for environment and Christian environmental organisations. Finally we consider change as transformation and look at the implications of the resurrection of Jesus for our own lives today.
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Web Links to Resources used in this Chapter

Floods spell 'crisis' for farming:

Christian Rural and Environmental Studies (CRES):

Farming Community Network:

Farm visitRoyal Agricultural Benevolent Institution:

The Climate Coalition (formerly Stop Climate Chaos):

Westmill Wind Farm Co-op:

Biomass Energy Centre :

Environmental Change Institute:

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA):

Church in the CountrysideLondon congestion charge:

Simon Collings, sustainable transport consultant:

Diffusion of innovations:

Shrinking the Footprint:

The Episcopal Ecological Network (EpEN):

Green Christian:

Operation Noah:

Evangelical Environmental Network: