Cherishing the Earth conveys the integrated wisdom of a scientist and a pastor who call forth faithful and joyful living—living that brings renewed wholeness and healing to all creation. The journey we take with them in this book first opens the reality of creation’s degradation but soon elevates us to envision creation made whole again by God’s love for the world and our grateful and responsive stewardship. Colourfully reminding us that, “the pages of the Bible are buzzing with insects, alive to the song of birds, majestic in its description of trees...” we experience with the Hodsons “the wonderful nature of our world”—the world God loves. It is the world of our stewardship. It is the Earth we cherish. You should read this book, and be inspired to live joyfully in its reading!
Calvin B. DeWitt, Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Founding Director, Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, USA.

“For too long we the church have abdicated our God given responsibility for creation care. Here is a wake-up call. Let’s make sure we hear it!”
Dr Krish Kandiah, Executive Director: Churches in Mission at the Evangelical Alliance UK

With any number of questions being asked about Global Warming, Climate Change, Environmental Issues and our proper Stewardship of the World’s Resources we need guides who can clarify the issues and help us to reflect theologically on them.  Martin and Margot not only do this in ‘Cherishing the Earth’ – but it is clear from all they say that they live and breathe them too.  I warmly commend this book both for personal reading, group study and, above all, for action.
Right Reverend Colin Fletcher, Bishop of Dorchester, UK