Book synopsis

Ecological problems - drought, global warming, pollution, resources - are headline news. It is easy to feel paralysed in the face of the size of the problems, especially when put together with world poverty and global instability. Christians are contributing to the environmental debate and have a vital specific insight: the Christian message of hope. Drawing on stories of people who have found positive ways to respond, the Hodsons show how understanding Godís concern for his whole creation can inspire us toward a more biblical lifestyle. They call for Christians and others to become more involved in communities and seek change at national and international level. Far from being a distraction from living a Christian life, this sustainable lifestyle is a key to a life lived with Jesus at the centre.
Here we will provide outlines of each of the chapters, with weblinks to important topics covered.

Dedication to the memory of Dave Steel
Foreword by Sir John Houghton
Chapter 1 A living planet made for God's glory
Chapter 2 Partners with God for a fruitful planet
Chapter 3 Pushing the planet into free fall
Chapter 4 Standing room only for the creatures of the Earth
Chapter 5 The seeds of history
Chapter 6 Individuals can make a difference
Chapter 7 Caring as communities
Chapter 8 National leadership will inspire change
Chapter 9 Uniting together with the Global South
Chapter 10 Dreams and visions
Chapter 11 Hope and the resurrection of Creation